Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
The light of God shines through

The light of God shines through

Most of this week’s prayers on Light for the Journey have been borrowed from other inspirational writers. It seemed very appropriate considering the discussion said prayers are dead prayers this week.

A Weekend Reflective Prayer

A Reflective Prayer for this weekend.

You are our shelter, O Lord,
A shield in the battle
A protection from the evil one.

You are our shelter, O Lord,
A haven from the high wave,
a harbour in the storm.

You are our shelter, O Lord,
A cover from the heat,
A guard against the icy blast.

You are our shelter, O Lord,
A light upon our path,
A presence in our darkness.

You are our shelter, O Lord,
A companion in our travels,
There at the journey’s end.

You ARE our shelter, O Lord.

David Adam, ‘A Sure Shelter’.

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Glory to God who gives us life,
Glory to God who shows us love,
Glory to God who transforms death into life,
Glory to God who makes all things new.

Christine Sine http://godspace.wordpress/,com

Another beautiful prayer by Micahel Leunig
Dear God,

We pray for another way of being:
another way of knowing.

Across the difficult terrain of our existence
we have attempted to build a highway
and in so doing have lost our footpath.
God lead us to our footpath:
Lead us there where in simplicity
we made move at the speed of natural creatures
and feel the earth’s love beneath our feet.
Lead us there where step-by-step we may feel
the movement of creation in our hearts.
And lead us there where side-by-side
we may feel the embrace of the common soul.
Nothing can be loved at speed.

God lead us to the slow path; to the joyous insights
of the pilgrim; another way of knowing: another way of being.


Lord Jesus Christ
Let us see your love,
Let us know your life,
Let us trust your faithfulness.
Hold us close and never let us go.

Christine Sine

Your love,
flowing within us,
living water
in that cleansing flow;
and our worship,
in sweet harmony
through the air as birdsong
at the dawning of this day.
Stream meets stream
and river flows,
emptying into Ocean’s store.

Your grace,
offering to us
from all that binds us;
and our prayers,
joining together,
as a fragrant offering
to the heart of the divine.
Stream meets stream
and river flows,
emptying into Ocean’s store.

Your call,
whispering to us,
on our journeying;
and our service,
the only response
we can give,
a willing sacrifice
to the Godhead, Three in One.
Stream meets stream
and river flows,
emptying into Ocean’s store.


Occupy my heart with your tremendous Life.

Let my eyes see nothing in the world but Your glory, and let my hands touch nothing that is not for your service.

Let my tongue taste no bread that does not strengthen me to praise Your great mercy.

I will hear Your voice and I will hear all harmonies You have created, singing Your hymns.

Sheep’s wool and cotton from the field shall warm me enough that I may live in your service; I will give the rest to Your poor.

Let me use all things for one sole reason: to find my joy in giving You glory.

-Thomas Merton

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