Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine

The prayers over the last couple of weeks on the Light for the Journey Facebook page have, not surprisingly revolved around concerns for the victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the theme of Pentecost. Once again there are too many to post all of them but here is a sampling.

In the shadow of your wings

Our eyes are on you O Lord,
Our steps follow your path,
Our hearts are attuned to your beat.
Let us not waiver in our walk,
Or turn from your commands.
Let us see your unfailing love,
And know your life giving presence.
Let us trust in Christ our rock and our redeemer,
And put our hope in God the living and eternal One.

Christine Sine

Our hope is in the living God,
Our trust is in Christ the Saviour of all people.
His commands please us,
They give us wise advice,
that keeps us on the path of righteousness.
Justice and mercy flow from his lips.
May they excite us with a passion for God’s ways.
And lead us into God’s eternal purposes.

Christine Sine

You are our strength
when courage fails,
our protection
when waters rise,
our comfort
in storm and gales,
ever present
throughout our lives.

You are the truth
by which we walk,
the wisdom
that is our guide
the message
of which we talk,
the bridegroom
waiting for the bride!

The Cross is the hope of Christians

The cross is the resurrection of the dead

The cross is the way of the lost

The cross is the saviour of the lost

The cross is the staff of the lame

The cross is the guide of the blind

The cross is the strength of the weak

Read the entire litany at St Cuthbert’s Oratory

Lord surround us with your shield of love,
Let we find refuge under your wings.
Lord be the rock under our feet,
Let us cling to our faith in Christ.
Lord sweep your peace through our hearts and minds,
Let us abide in your eternal presence.

Christine Sine

From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
you are with us
every moment of the day,
our reassurance
when storms assail,
our strength
when courage fails.
From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
your light illumines
every step along the way,
our comfort
when darkness falls,
the peace
that calms our soul.
From our rising in the morning
to our lying down again,
you are with us


Lord Jesus Christ you are
The love of my heart,
The light of my life,
The breath that I breathe.
Lord Jesus Christ you are
The one who gives me hope,
The unseen one who never dies,
The one in whom all creation holds together.
Lord Jesus Christ you are
Saviour, redeemer, renewer,
Creation sings glory,
And we worship you.

Christine Sine http;//

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