Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine

Sydney Lorikeets

Sydney Lorikeets

 The end of a very challenging week for most of us as this week’s Light for the Journey Facebook prayers reflect.

I have already posted these prayers for the victims of Hurricane Sandy who are constantly in my prayers at the moment. I hope that you enjoy the remaining prayers from the week.

God, I look at your world and see

Beauty beyond words,

Creativity beyond imagining,

Love beyond understanding.

God bathed, Son drenched, Spirit filled.

May we dare to believe

You are here,

Transforming, redeeming making all things new.


Lord may we surrender to the whisper of your love,

May we sit in the place of quiet,

Where time is stilled,

And the dark gives fertile ground for seeds to sprout.

May we sit in the solitude of each moment,

Surrounded by God’s everlasting love,

Comforted by Christ’s ever present peace,

Abiding in the Spirit’s ever flowing life.


What a privilege to serve

What a privilege to serve –

Before all things began,

you were,

one with Father and Spirit,

glorious unity.

Before all things began,

you were,

our lives within your thoughts,

your image in our hearts.

Before all things began,

you were,

creation and redemption

perfected in your plan.

Before all things began,

you were,

king and kingdom waiting,

for time is in your hands.



O Lord,

I kneel here gazing

into Your eyes of love.

You smile and whisper my name.

I am back again,

for only You are enough of

everything I need.

You satisfy the deep longing.

I’ll stay a while with You here,

knowing You stay always with me,

keeping my days, watching o’er my nights.

You clothe the lilies, watch sparrows and love me.

O Lord,

I kneel here gazing

into Your eyes of love.

I smile and whisper your name, “Abba”.

B.D. Harr © 2012

Bonnie harr - labyrinth:storm

Photo by Bonnie harr


Simple Things, Five Minutes Into Morning 

Thank you, Lord, for simple things ~

daily blessings. . .

benefits You load us with, that

we take so often for granted:

Light at the flick of a switch . . .

Water at the turn of a faucet . . .

Heat at the move of a dial . . .

Sanitation by way of toilets, disposals

and waste removal systems . . .

Refrigeration for foodstuff

beyond our capacity to eat in a single day. . .

Baths and showers large enough for

full-body, daily, personal hygiene. . .

A toothbrush with clean water for brushing and rinsing. . .

Clothing to dress temperature-appropriate in . . .

Slippers and shoes for our feet . . .

A first cup of coffee, with cream, even . . .

A newspaper delivered to the door. . .

A phone to connect with loved ones . . .

An umbrella and raincoat to step into

Your hurting world this day.

And yet, O Lord,

forgive us for often forgetting that

Your world, and the children of it,

hurt in these ways, everyday:

No light, save that which the diurnal rhythms provide ~

No clean water, save that which the high streams and rivers provide ~

No heat, save that which the sun provides ~

No sanitation ~

No refrigeration ~

Not enough food for a meal, much less a day ~

Not enough defense against body-borne diseases ~

No health or dental care ~

Not enough clothing to defend against inherent climates ~

No shoes ~

No coffee with cream ~

No papers, books, phones, umbrellas or raincoats…

Forgive us, O Lord, for our mindlessness.

Forgive us, O Lord, for our thoughtlessness.

Forgive us, O Lord, for our selfishness.

Father, make us ever more mindful and thoughtful!

Jesus, give us eyes and hearts of compassion like Yours are!

Holy Spirit, transform our selfishness into selflessness!

Then, O Lord, rather than questing for notoriety or fame,

rather than seeking high praise or recognition,

transform our selflessness into service in Your name,

for Your glory, to the people of Your world ~

OUR brothers and sisters everywhere!

Thank you, Father, for these five, morning minutes, alive.

Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for these five, morning minutes, awake.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for these five, morning minutes, aware.


B.D. Harr © 2012

Written on the winds of Hurricane Sandy


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