Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine


earth touches heaven

Earth touches heaven – photo by Coe Hutchison

Christ inescapable, inseparable, indescribable,

Why would I flee from you who hold the keys to eternal life?

May I flee to your arms and your ways.

May I walk in your footsteps,

And I find in you the greatest thing that life can hold.


Living Christ, your kingdom is above us,

May we seek it.

Redeeming lord your kingdom is around us

May we reveal it.

Loving Saviour your kingdom is within us,

May we live it.


Lord God almighty, may we cherish your love in our hearts,

May prayer become the house we inhabit,

May we speak and listen and wait in silence,

Until we commune with you in every thought and deed.


All that I am and all that I do I commend to your care O Lord,

I am as transient as a blade of grass, you are eternal.

I am as small as a grain of sand, you are all present.

I am as frail as a fallen leaf, you are all powerful.

My times are in your hands and I place my trust in you.


God may I always be ready to pray,

May every book become the word of God to me,

May every place become the mount of God for me,

May every new experience and every circumstance,

Become an occasion to make haste towards your heart.


This is a shorter list of prayers this morning and I thought I would add this one that I found at Prayers for the Earth and posted on my page To Garden With God.

How strong and good

and sure your earth smells,

and everything that grows there.

Bless us, our land,

and our people.

Bless our forests with mahogany,

wawa and cacao.

Bless our fields

with cassava and peanuts.

Be with us in our countries

and in all of Africa,

And in the whole world.

— Ashanti prayer (Ghana, Africa)

You can find more prayers at Prayers for the Earth

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