Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
earth touches heaven

Earth touches heaven – photo by Coe Hutchison

This week I have been working on a chapter for my book Return to Our Senses about use of social media and prayer. I have thought a lot about how we can integrate these technologies into our prayers without becoming distracted, or even obsessed with the media we use. Most of my prayers reflect my recognition that in the midst of our use of these tools we need to keep Jesus always in our sight.

Jesus you are the beginning and the end, the centre and circumference,

You are the word of God, the language of eternity,

Help me this day to begin every thought, every secret longing, every act and project with you,

Help me to keep you always in my sight.


God you are like a tree that is always green,

All my fruit comes from you.

You heal my faithlessness,

You care for me and answer my prayers,

Your love knows no bounds,

Your salvation is eternal.


Lord Jesus Christ may your truth burn bright within us,

May your ways ignite our hearts.

May we walk with confidence and passion,

With your light always before us.


Lord Jesus Christ may we keep you always in our sight,

Standing up for justice in the ordinary and everyday,

Being present to the places to which you call us,

Creating a fabric of care in our neighbourhoods.

May we look and see and trust,

The small is breaking through again,

God is planting mustard seeds of the kingdom.


Lord God almighty, you are God there is no other,

You are the one in whom I place my trust,

You are the one whose promises stand firm,

You are the one who gives the gracious gift of life.


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