Prayer for the Eve of Epiphany

by Christine Sine


Arise, shine, inheritors of God’s light,

You have come and heard,

The light of God has come into our world,

It has reached across time and space into our hearts.

And nations will come to its brightness.

Arise, shine, you in whom Christ’s light is born,

You have come and seen,

The light of God’s son has brought salvation,

He has proclaimed God’s justice and love.

He has overcome the darkness and brought new life.

Arise, shine, privileged ones who live in the light of Christ,

You have come and followed,

Christ our Lord has redeemed our world,

He draws us into a loving family,

From every tribe and family and culture.

Arise, shine, you who are called to share God’s light,

Now, you must go and tell others,

No longer be satisfied with the old life,

Learn to love your neighbour as yourself,

So that they may know Christ, and the hope his message brings.


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