Pilgrimage with Mark and Lisa Scandrette

by Christine Sine

Last Wednesday during a Godspace Facebook Live event, Lisa Sands Scandrette and Mark Scandrette shared about their recent pilgrimage experiences in Europe. Lisa walked St Cuthberts Way in Northumbria and then attended the Shetland Island Wool Festival, while Mark walked the Camino de Santiago in Portugal. Both had wonderful experiences and insight into pilgrimage and their own travels. Their pilgrimage blessings follow:

Lisa’s Pilgrimage Prayer
May you connect deeply with this place as you journey.
May those who come before you inspire you to continue their best work and longings.
May you know strength and agency in your body–your legs, your hands, your mind, your heart.
May spaciousness fill your heart, soul and mind.
May God be in every step, every creature, every piece of wool that runs through your fingers.
May you hear God’s invitational whisper each day in wind, waves, the jubilations of birds.
May you recognize the face of God in your fellow travelers–hosts, passers by, new friends.
May your hands be open to give and receive the abundance this day offers.
May you create quiet to sit, to settle, to notice, to reflect, to contemplate.
May you see, hear, taste, touch, smell–experience the hospitality of God at each turn.
May you find companionship with yourself, emerging stronger, more beautiful, more truly you.
May you have courage to explore your curiosity and engage in the new and unknown.
May you clothe yourself in beauty.
May you revel in the connection of co-creation, mindful of the thread that leads you back to the source of all things.

Mark’s Pilgrim Prayer
Watch the sunrise
Walk in the light of the Divine
Want love, joy, peace, mercy and justice.
Seek wisdom
Tell the truth
Create beauty
Love courageously
Watch the sun set
Die to the small separated self
Eat and drink,
laugh and cry
Listen and tell stories with a grateful, undivided heart
Sleep in peace
Dream of a new world
Awaken to eternal life

The full recording of their conversation with Christine on Wednesday can be found below or on here on Christine’s YouTube channel.

Other Pilgrimage Resources:
Ordinary Pilgrim
One great resource is the Ordinary Pilgrim site, ran by Fiona Koefed-Jesperson. She offers many creative pilgrimages, as well as spiritual direction and group experiences. Her current free offering is a PDF entitled “Foraging as a Spiritual Practice”. She also has a Lockdown Pilgrimage posted, which Lisa found so encouraging during those days. I’d encourage people to sign up for her newsletter, which is always full of goodness (how her virtual pilgrimage to Lindisfarne was sent out).
Liturgy – Camino
Another great resource on pilgrimage can be found on Rev. Bosco Peters’ site here. He walked the Camino as well and has many posts about preparing for his pilgrimage and the journey itself.
David Pott St Cuthbert Pilgrimage
Also check out David Pott’s excellent account of his recent pilgrimage to mark the coming of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Newcastle. He travelled with a replica of St Cuthbert’s coffin along St Cuthbert’s Way. You can read about his experiences in two posts: Wanted, Coffin Carriers Introducing the Lindifarne Gospels Pilgrimage written before the pilgrimage and An Update on the Lindisfarne Gospel Pilgrimage, written afterwards.

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