Meditation Monday – Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
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by Christine Sine

It is amazing how concerned we become with trivial matters, worries over mere nothings, when the glory of the world waits to speak to us. There is nothing in creation free from mystery if we look deep enough or long enough. Life takes place within the setting of a great miracle and we can derive endless delight from contemplation. (David Adam Love the World .) 

Over the last few weeks I have posted short video prayers on Facebook and Instagram. These are prayers I find helpful to focus myself as I begin the day. I love to use the photos and videos I take to complement these prayers and find they enhance my delight in creation as they speak to me of God. Sometimes I just take a deep breath and sit quietly with my eyes closed while I listen to the prayer. At other times I find myself feasting on the images I captured in the video. The glory of God seems to shine through the images just as it does through the scene in creation. The collection of prayers is designed so that you can pause between prayers or bookmark a particular prayer that you want to use.

The quote from David Adam’s book Love the World revolved in my mind as I put together this collection of prayers today. It is not just the prayers that are refreshing, but also the images of God’s amazing and mysterious world. I hope you enjoy the prayers which are my gift of hospitality to you this week, but more than anything that you take time to get out into God’s good creation and enter into the mystery that is God, the mystery that inspires our prayers at all times.

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