MADE FOR HIM: a poem

by Hilary Horn

By Ana Lisa de Jong


He made me not for me
and not for you, but for himself.

He made me delicate, complex,

In that where I see imperfect, flawed,
and inadequate;

he sees the beauty of his intent,
the potential of his design,

the splendid intricacy of his plan
come to life.

I was made for him and not for you,
or even myself.

For his pleasure
I have been breathed into existence.

That just for a moment of time,
I might sing the song he’s given.

That my voice and heart might inhabit the role
he’s signaled as mine.

The answer to our inadequacies
is in remembering why.

When we know the answer there is no question.
For we know where our worth and purpose lies.

Our protests die on our lips
and we rest in the peace of his providence.

Yes, I was made for you God,
nothing else.

Establish me entirely as your own,
for therein is the place I find myself.

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