Liturgical Rebels Episode 4

by Christine Sine

Episode Four – Kreg Yingst

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In this conversation, Christine Sine interviews artist Kreg Yingst about his journey as a block print artist and his approach to combining art and faith. Kreg shares how he got into block prints and the influence of storytelling art on his work. He discusses his connection with the Psalms and parables, and how his art became a spiritual practice. Kreg also talks about the impact of his artwork on people, sharing stories of healing and restoration. He emphasizes the importance of embracing creativity and finding a place in the body of Christ.


  • Block printing is a time-consuming method of printmaking that allows for storytelling and narrative art.
  • Art can be a spiritual practice and a way to connect with God.
  • Artwork can have a profound impact on people, bringing healing, restoration, and spiritual growth.
  • Creativity is a unique expression of faith and should be embraced and celebrated.


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