Litany for Breaking Down Walls

by Hilary Horn

by Fran Pratt

God, for centuries we have imagined that between us and you

Were distance and difference,

Silence and judgement,

And ultimately, walls.


But now we’re learning that wall-building

Is a uniquely human response

To fear,

To pain,

To vulnerability,

To a feeling of separation.


If we can forget the idea of separation,

Perhaps we can stop building walls on its behalf.

Oh God, may we let love have free reign

To build something more imaginative than walls.


See, we think our separateness is a given,

But you are constantly urging us toward a different perspective:
That nothing can separate us from you

Nothing created, nothing imagined, nothing contrived –

That you are, always and forever, for better and for worse,
In every circumstance, in every situation

Together with us.

You are God-With-Us.


And that togetherness, that persistence,

That in-it-for-the-long-haul relentless with-ness,

Is part of your personality, a characteristic of you;

Part of your everlasting love,
That is always building new spaces

And breaking down walls. Amen


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