A Litany For Mother’s Day

by Christine Sine

Honoring our mothers is one of the delights for many of us of Mother’s Day, which in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand falls on this coming Sunday. Here is a litany I wrote several years ago that I thought some of you would appreciate.

Loving and nurturing God, we thank you for mothers.

For all they mean or have meant to us.

We thank you for the love they have shown and the care they have given.

For the many times they gave us hugs and held us close.

Loving and nurturing God we thank you for the qualities of mothers.

For their patience, their kindness, concern and understanding, in so many ways reflecting who you are.

We thank you for the part they play in our lives,

and for this special day of saying ‘thank you’ to them.

Loving and nurturing God we thank you for the wonder of your mothering.

As a mother protects her children, you watch over us day by day.

We thank you for your arms which always encircle and protect us,

Your hands shield and deliver us from harm.

Loving God, we pray for those for whom Mother’s day brings heartache rather than celebration.

We pray for those who have never known their mother or whose mothers have died.

We thank you for your mothering heart and your tender love ,

Which nurtures all who feel abandoned and lost. 

We wait with those who long to be mothers but as yet have not had their own children.

We grieve with those who ache because they will never be mothers.

We thank you for their mothering hearts which long to be expressed.

Lord in your mercy, mother us all with your love.

We pray for those who struggle with the way their children have chosen to live their lives.

And grieve with those who are orphaned or have a difficult relationship with their mother.

We thank you that when we long for a mother’s love you do not abandon us.

Lord in your mercy, mother us all with your love.

May all of us have the comfort of knowing that your mothering love is constant,

Your understanding is perfect and your compassion is never-ending.

We thank you that you gave birth to all of us with delight and joy,

Lord in your mercy mother us all with your love.


This prayer was inspired by and adapted from prayers I found on this site Unfortunately these prayers are no longer available.

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