Lets Get Creative For Father’s Day

by Christine Sine

In most parts of the world Father’s day falls on the third Sunday of June – this year June 21st. So it is time to get ready. However, Father’s day is a movable feast. In the South Pacific where Father’s day is the first Sunday of September you still have plenty of time so think about which of these ideas you might like to put into action before the day.

There are lots of cheezy ideas out there of what to get kids to do for their Dads. I have tried to make suggestions here that are both creative and outwardly focused – things that kids can do for Dad not just on the day but over the entire year.

1. Many of the ideas I suggested in Let’s Get Creative – Honouring Our Motherswould just as easily work for fathers too.

2. I love these creative suggestions from US News: Six Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts 

3. Ideas like this one: Dad’s Token Tin that encourage kids to be giving rather than getting are great for Father’s day too.

4. I like this Father’s Day Stencilled Glass Plate because it is a little different from the usual home made gifts and gives kids a chance to get their hands dirty in paint.

5. A Father’s Day book which, as the creator says captured the kids creativity and expressed a love for their dad like only a child can tell it.

6. Dad’s Car wash kit for a kid who loves to help Dad wash the car. This could be creatively adapted for any activity that a Dad shares with his child – gardening fishing, hiking, sports could all be the basis for a gift like this.

7. Dad Rocks Paperweight. I liked this suggestion for its simplicity and adaptability for a last minute idea. And of course you don’t need to restrict the words to Dad rocks – kids could come up with their own creative messages for Dad. And if you have some paints around let them paint them.

8. And while you are thinking about rocks try this idea – How to make garden markers with painted stones. I am sure this could be a hit with kids of all ages.

9. My Father’s Hands. Making photo collections either to frame or in book form are always a hit with Dads. I love this creative variation on this – a photo of a Dad holding the hand of each of his kids.

10. For the photographers in our midst – and that is almost everyone these days – a creative father/child photo would be a great idea

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