lenten Reflections by Mark Pierson

by Christine Sine
The symbols of Lent

The symbols of Lent

Every year my good friend Mark Pierson in New Zealand sends me a copy of his Lenten reflections which I love to use throughout this season. It has just arrived and I am thoroughly enjoying his thoughts. So instead of adding another post today for the series Return to Our Senses, I thought I would just direct you to these for your meditation.

Mark reminds us that the liturgical colour for most of the days of Lent is violet (though purple or dark blue will work), the colour of royalty and kingship. He suggests placing a small piece of violet/purple/dark blue cloth or paper in a place on a table or ledge to make a focus for you during your Lenten journey. From time to time you can add things to this place to remind you of your progress in this Lenten journey.

This morning I could not find a purple piece of paper but added a purple candle to my corner and will use it through the rest of this season as a focus for my morning reflections. It will stand amidst the clutter on my desk, beside my bowl of ashes and the cross I have been using as a focal point.

What are you using to help you focus during this journey of Lent?

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