Launching the Spirituality of Gardening Online Course!

by Christine Sine

I read about the story of God in the Bible but in the garden, I see it lived out. Every time I plant a seed, bury it in the ground and watch it spring into life, I feel I have entered into the life, death and resurrection of Christ. It is so hope giving.

This course includes video sessions with Christine Sine, downloads of prayers and handouts for each session, and “Walk Through the Garden” videos with guest gardeners are just some of the offered materials included in this online experience. We have really enjoyed putting this together and we hope that you enjoy it as well! You can preview a video in the first module for free before you buy.

Module 5: Liturgical Gardening

Course Outline

  1. Welcome to the Spirituality of Gardening – FREE PREVIEW!
  2.  Gardening with God as a Spiritual Practice
  3. Organic Gardening 101 – Gardening Basics Enliven Our Faith
  4. Creating a Sacred Space in the Garden
  5. Liturgical Gardening – Exploring Rhythms and Seasons
  6. Creativity and Contemplative Gardening

Spirituality of Gardening Online Course – Coming Soon!

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