Labyrinth Walking for All Of Us

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

Gil George at the center of the labyrinth

Yesterday I wrote Meditation Monday – Questions from a Labyrinth. about the labyrinth I have been using during Lent and the inspiration it has given me. Many readers responded with comments about their own labyrinths and the enrichment they had given to their prayers. One uses the labyrinth in his local coffee shop, another has one on her shoulder and another reader creates quilted labyrinths.

A few days later, Shelby Selvidge contributed this post: Nature as A Living Labyrinth with a lot more positive feedback.

These comments reminded me of some of the previous blog posts on labyrinths that others have contributed to this blog.

Gil George wrote this beautiful labyrinth prayer while visiting his wife in hospital a few years ago. I particularly love the lines:

I walk towards and away from the center as I follow
A path laid out by someone else, a path walked by others.

Kim Balke wrote this powerful reflection after a workshop with a doula (birth attendant). Her comment at the end is worthy of much reflection:

Every journey is special!   What does that mean?  Even though birthing is a well trodden path, each woman’s experience is her own- a one of a kind strength, a pure whole note carried on the wind, a sound only she can make, moving on into hello.

Celtic labyrinth

My own favourite is the labyrinth that we make out of branches at our Celtic retreat on Camano Island. We place a Celtic cross at the centre and adults and kids alike love to walk it. We also often provide templates for people to make their own labyrinths.

And for more information about labyrinths and possible ways to walk them check out this post.

In this post Brenda Warren links to a number of resources about labyrinths.

And last but certainly not least check out this neighbourhood listening walk which has a labyrinth flavour to it.

Kids making labyrinths

What are your experiences of labyrinths and how have they enriched your life? 

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Bee Jay Mar April 4, 2017 - 9:51 am

I have been walking the Labyrinth since 2010. I received my training as a Labyrinth facilitator in 2013.
Here are three resources of potential interest to those who are responding to Christine’s post:

The Labyrinth Society is the portal to all things labyrinth. Here you will find a wealth of information:

Veriditas is the training organization:
The Labyrinth Locator will help you find nearby labyrinths, both outdoor and indoor:

And for those of you in the Seattle/Snohomish County area, I facilitate monthly labyrinths at my home parish, Church of the Redeemer in Kenmore, on third Tuesday evenings:
We will be offering the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday: an open walk between 3:00p and 7:00p. Come when you can; stay as long as you like. Copies of the Scriptural Stations, created by John Paul, will be available for meditation.

Christine Sine April 4, 2017 - 9:53 am

Thanks Bee Jay

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