Labyrinth; A Poem for Lent

by Hilary Horn

By Ana Lisa de Jong —

I walk the labyrinth to you.
Catching sight of your smile,
as though across a room.

I make my way but
my feet are slow,
tied to the ground.

While you are there, I realise I am far,
and the labyrinth that I walk
turns me away,

that I must cast
a look behind,
to see your face.

And I must go back
to where I begin,

But you’re still there,
your gaze a beacon of light
in which I’m held.

And as I walk,
I realise both in shadow
and in sun,

this path is a spiral
leading on,
though I might appear to retrace my route.

And my heart all the while
is safe in yours,
in this grace which surrounds.

And I see how
this centre I’m seeking,
this face I love

is my own looking back
in the bosom
of your love.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry

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