Keeping Up with the News

by Christine Sine

from Melissa Kelly

Today Christine and Tom begin their UK adventures. They will be visiting friends and making connections for the next two weeks. Christine is excited to see her friends, Tom wants to hear what good news the churches have to share. I will be keeping things rolling here at Godspace. I am Melissa, the admin for Godspacelight. I do the posts, edit the podcast episodes, send out the product mailings, and in Christine’s absence I will write the newsletters to keep you up to date.

Last week was the week after Pentecost and included Memorial Day weekend here in the States. We put out our 8th episode of Christine’s Liturgical Rebels Podcast on Wednesday. On Thursday we reposted Carol Dixon’s reflections on the Venerable Bede whose faithful service of written scholarship was done almost entirely from his monastery. Yet his work spread throughout Europe and down through the centuries. Lilly Lewin reflected on Pentecost in her Freerange Friday post and encouraged us to accept the invitation to dance with Jesus as part of being filled with the Spirit. On Saturday we posted links to all of the Liturgical Rebels episodes so far, just in case you missed them. And yesterday, in honor of Joan of Arc’s upcoming Saint Day, we re-posted Diane Woodrow’s wonderings about how we would view Joan of Arc today.

That’s it! You’re all caught up on Godspacelight activities.

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