Joy In The Neighborhood

by Hilary Horn

In the next few months at Godpsace, we desire to be sharing the ‘joy spots’ of God’s new kingdom in your life, neighbourhoods and churches that expresses the joy of God’s kingdom breaking into ours. What are some of these little ‘spots’ in your life that you see every day? Here is a reflection by Talitha Fraser —

I walk home from the restaurant and it rains. Hard. After a long, sticky, humid day, the wild water is a welcome relief – cleansing, cooling, sparkling.  It feels made just for me this moment: that sky, those lights, these puddles.  I grin conspiratorially with anyone I meet.  Fancy all those looking down and running to get out of the wet, those looking out not thinking to leave their house and relish in the beauty of this.  Familiar sights are made fresh by this new light, washed with mist and rain – it is a marvel and so many are missing it. You have to be present to the moment that you’re in.  I am present to this one and it is a present to me. It was pretty life-giving – drenched by more than just rain.

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