Join us in celebrating some very good news!

by Christine Sine

Live Like You Give a Damn

by Tom Sine

I am very excited to announce the release of my new book: Live Like You Give a Damn! Join the Changemaking Celebration   In it I bring some very good news. God is raising up a new generation, largely outside the church, that is bring impressive change to the lives of our neighbors locally and globally by creating innovative forms of social enterprise and community empowerment. The even better news is that those of us within the church can join this changemaking celebration. We can discover creative new ways God can use our mustard seeds to make a more remarkable difference than we ever imagined possible.

In this book I offer practical ways that you can join those who are creating their best communities, their best world, and in the process their best lives. In fact, I hope to show you that in a world changing at warp speed, following Jesus is a “design opportunity.” It is not only an opportunity to design innovative ways to make a difference but also an opportunity to create lives with a difference, in the way of Jesus, that are simpler and more sustainable—and to throw better parties along the way. Why would anyone want to settle for less and miss the best?

Live Like You Give a Damn! Join the Changemaking Celebration is available for pre-order until April 16th through the MSA website for an amazing 40% discount. Make sure you order your copy now.

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Kate Davis April 6, 2016 - 10:25 am

Congrats on the new book! Looking forward to it!

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