It’s Time To Bless Your House.

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

I have just visited a friend in Texas who has recently purchased a new house. Before I left she asked me to do a house blessing for her. It is something that I love to do when someone moves or renovates their house. It is even a great idea for when you do a spring or other season cleaning of the house so I thought that I would repost this Celtic blessing I adapted from one in The Celtic Daily Prayer several years ago.

The first time I attended a house blessing we went throughout the entire house sprinkling each room with water and offering a special prayer of blessing for the room. We even blessed the bathroom!

We did the same when we renovated our house a couple of years ago and part of what I loved was that I gathered pieces of left over tile and asked people to write a word of blessing on them and add them to a bowl of blessings that still sits in our guest room.

So if you are moving or just renovating your house consider getting some friends together and doing a house blessing. Think of a creative way that you can provide a remembrance of your blessing for the future.

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