Heart Psalms: Songs of the Heart by Ana Lisa De Jong

by Christine Sine

In her newest book of poems Heart Psalms: Songs of the Heart, which I am thoroughly enjoying reading at the moment as part of my morning meditations, Ana Lisa De Jong says:

Poetry is an expression of the heart’s journey. For the spiritual writer writing regularly means there is a record kept, an account made, a collation created of the ‘songs’ of the heart, the ‘breathings’ of the spirit and the ‘yearnings’ of the soul over a period of time. An account which testifies to the joys and struggles, faith and doubt filled moments of daily life and an awareness of God’s presence, made even more tangible and real, by the record that has been kept of it.

Within that record, for the spiritual writer, there are also the ‘songs’ of God’s heart that he sings over us. Threads of gold weaved through the pattern of the days, laid out in words, meanings to be discerned and understood as we attempt to unwrap what has been given.

Beyond that, there is also the awareness that sometimes we hold the privilege of tapping into a common song, whether of lament or hope, or joyful praise. And still again. on those occasions that we compose the words right, God may even seek to use our pen , as an instrument to communicate to the hearts of his creation, with a message from his own.

Ana Lisa’s poetry in Heart Psalms: Songs of the Heartis rich, beautiful and worthy of our time and reflection. I love the way that she illustrates this book with her own photos of New Zealand. They too are worthy of meditation and reflection. I hope that you enjoy this book as I am sure it will nourish your soul.

As well as this, Ana Lisa has made her book Poems for Loss available as a free download from the Godspace store.


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