Good Seed Sunday – Celebrate with A Rocha

by Christine Sine
Today’s post comes from the A Rocha website. We are hoping to partner with them in the future in the conservation of the land where the Mustard Seed Villagewill be built on Camano Island.
Beginning in 1983 with an initial project in the Algarve region of Portugal, A Rocha has been helping to change the face of environmental stewardship–bringing to it our faith in the God who created it, called it very good, and entrusted its care to humankind. They are now at work in 19 countries on five continents. I am particularly impressed with what they are doing for Earth Day this year I particularly love  Good Seed Sunday which A Rocha is doing for Earth Day on April 22nd! Please visit the official Good Seed Sunday website for resources and more information. Below is the bulletin insert that is available on the website

What is biblical care of creation? One of the ways to do this is to focus on our biblical call to stewarding God’s gift of the world to us. Are we careful of this beautiful world? Are we worthy of his trust?

On April 22nd, many of churches will take part in Good Seed Sunday. This initiative from the Christian environment stewardship group, A Rocha, equips the church to care for creation through a resource-based creation care website.

Over the past 5 years A Rocha has worked with over 150 churches across Canada promoting environmental stewardship. The resources for Good Seed Sunday are available with the following contact information:, 604-542-9022, or

The link takes you to sections that provide you with resources in the following areas:

  • Church Service Package
  • Bible Study and Small Group Materials
  • Sunday School Teacher Kit (ages 4-11)
  • Action Projects
  • Online Community
  • Living Lighter Resources
  • Daily Reflections and Devotionals
  • Resource Library

Let us all hold this topic wisely, carefully and faithfully, not being embroiled in political issues or in indifferent camps, but rather, honestly doing each of our individual and church community parts, to be responsive and responsible to God for the beautiful world we have been given.

Living lightly reflects joyful simplicity. Be sure to take small steps and make things fun!  Change is maximized when the entire household is on board. Some suggestions for individuals and families:

1. Reduce waste. Try to recycle, compost food waste, and avoid disposables.

2. Clean with care.  Buy environmentally-friendly cleaning and body care products that are biodegradable, safe for the water, and better for your health.

3. Green your yard. Avoid using chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Try reducing the area of high-maintenance lawn in your yard and replace it with native species of trees, shrubs, or grasses, requiring less water. Choose species that attract birds and butterflies.

4. Slow the energy flow. Try hanging clothes to dry, turning off lights, and unplugging appliances and computers when not in use. Choose high-efficiency appliances when buying new.

5. Renovate sustainably. Consider recycled materials and purchase eco-products. Paint fumes, fiberglass insulation, and adhesives can be health hazards.

6. Be informed. Subscribing  to online newsletters or e-news, like A Rocha’s, can help you stay current on local, national, and international environmental concerns,  celebrate where positive change is occurring, and assist you to make choices that are better for the world community.

7. Live locally. Use public transit, walk, cycle, or carpool where possible. Consolidate trips, and when replacing an aging vehicle, look at fuel-efficiency.

8. Maximize household efficiency. Clean fridge and freezer condenser coils, fix cracks in window and door frames, wash full loads, fix leaky taps, insulate walls and ceilings, and even dust light bulbs!

9. Use “stuff” well. Try to make new things last longer by keeping them in good repair. Donate unwanted stuff to thrift stores. Have a garage sale. Swap meets and thrift stores have great bargains too.

10. Involve the kids. Give each child a special responsibility or chore so they can experience being a part of the action. Or let them inspire you–learn to see the awesomeness of creation through their eyes!

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