God, all that I am: A Poem & Prayer

by Hilary Horn

As we continue this months theme, Spirituality of Imperfection, enjoy this beautiful poem by Talitha Fraser

all that I am
anything that I am
is what you made me to be
as much as I am broken,
I am made
as much as I am fallen,
I am raised
as much as I am wounded,
I am restored
as much as I am consumed,
I am made whole
I am drawn towards You, Creator Spirit
the seasons and the cycles
of transformation that are the
source of such wonder and dread
my doing and my undoing
are in You

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Clyde G Oakley September 5, 2018 - 4:08 pm

IThis poem expressed my attitude toward myself so accurately and so clearly lays out a way to put my own imperfections in God’s hands that I wanted to thank you and Talitha Fraser for it.

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