Give Us The Vision

by Hilary Horn

A church in Normandy which was bombed in WW2 and which now has the walls made out of glass 

by Carol Dixon.


Give us the vision 

 for the coming years,

 as we look to the future –

 to overcome our fears,

 and boldly take a stand

 as we seek to make each land,

a kingdom fit for you.


Give us the vision 

for the church, your bride,

to be pure, strong and holy –

to overcome our pride,

and humbly understand

we receive with open hand,

the pow-er from you.


Give us the vision

for our exploited earth

as we watch our planet suffering,

and see the peoples’ hurt;

spur us on at your command

until each and every land

gives glory to you.  ©Carol Dixon 1988   

(altd 1998)*

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