Gift of Wonder Inspiration from June Friesen

by Hilary Horn

A big thank you to those on my launch team who have already started reading and posting about The Gift of Wonder. I am enjoying seeing what catches their interest and thought Godspace readers would like a glimpse into this as well. There is still time to pre–order your copy, or sign up for the launch party March 19th.

I am humbled by those who are also taking the time to do the exercises at the end of the chapters – that is quite a commitment of time and effort, though I am hoping that small groups or book clubs will do this and take advantage of the study guide at the end of the book, or of the prayer cards we have just produced to help with this. Make sure you check out the special deal if you purchase the book plus prayers cards.

A few tools to help you share –

  1. IVP has just created these great motion graphics for all of us to enjoy as we share about the book.

  2. When you do share on social media please use the hashtag #giftofwonder. It helps us track what is being said and makes it possible for us to like or share your comments.

  3. Don’t forget you can preorder the book now in advance of the March 26th release date. Most sites have it available at a discount price. You can link to The Gift of Wonder page on Godspace for this information or order your book together with the special set of Gift of Wonder prayer cards – only available through the Godspace website.

Also a couple of requests to help me as I market the book

  1. If you run a blog I would love to do a guest post if you are interested.

  2. If you run a podcast I would feel privileged if you would consider interviewing me for it.

  3. My speaking schedule is starting to fill up but if you would like to arrange a retreat or workshop in your area I would love to chat to you about how that would be possible.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Marketing myself and my books does not come easy for me but members of my launch team are already using the book for both personal devotion and group retreats. They tell me it is the best book I have written and are eager to get it into the hands of friends.

Let me end with sharing this beautiful collage that June Friesen created from chapter 2. I thought that others might appreciate it for reflection too.

Many blessings,

Christine Sine

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