FreerangeFriday: Watching for Signs… Let God get your attention

by Lilly Lewin
burning bush beyond

By Lilly Lewin

This past Sunday, the Old Testament reading was about the Burning Bush and Moses. Moses was minding his own business, just being a shepherd for his father-in-law when he notices a bush that is on fire but not burning up from the flames. Moses turns to investigate this oddity and God takes notice of Moses turning to look. God calls out to Moses to take off his shoes because he is now on Holy Ground. Then Moses finds out that this Burning Bush is a signal flare of a new assignment from God. Moses doesn’t just get to escape his past or enjoy “retirement” in the desert, but instead, he has a new calling. Moses gets invited by God into a new adventure that wasn’t what Moses had planned, it wasn’t even on his radar. Moses is told by God that he is being sent back to Egypt to bring the children of Israel out of their slavery and suffering! And he won’t get confirmation that this is really God doing all this until after it’s done! I think I might want to put back on my shoes and run for the hills. Moses knows Egypt and all the risks of this BIG ASK OF GOD! Moses knows this isn’t going to be easy. But rather than running back to the sheep, Moses just asks God, “Why Me?” and “How do I introduce you when they ask your name?”

How do you introduce God to other people? What do you want them to know about God so that they believe?

Have you ever been in the middle of something just to have everything change? Have you ever said, ” Wait a minute God! Why Me?” What did God say in response?

Burning Bush Quote

Burning Bush Quote


QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER and Journal from this week: Feel free to use these passages and respond in writing, art, collage, or poetry some time this week.

What is God speaking to you about TODAY as you read this passage? Take time to read it again, use different translations to hear it in fresh ways.

What do you notice that you haven’t noticed before?

What questions do you have? What questions come up as your read the passage? Talk to Jesus about them.

  • What sign does Jesus/God use to get your attention? What things does Jesus use to remind you he is near?
  • What Burning Bush has been burning for a long time but you haven’t taken the time to stop and notice?
  • We too often don’t see the Burning Bush, or hear from God, because we aren’t paying attention or taking the time to notice… What will help you stop, notice and take off your shoes on Holy Ground?
  • What excuses are you making that you are “not right” for the vision/job/mission/task God has for you?
  • How does it feel to know that God is listening to the oppressed and hears their cries? Who are the oppressed you are praying for these days? How can you help end their suffering and oppression? Take time to ask God about this. Take time to pray for the oppressed and suffering, and those still in slavery.
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    DRAW or create a burning bush to remind you of your calling from God!

    PRACTICE GRATITUDE: Take time to thank God for your call, your mission, your gifts and talents. Even in the midst of everything, take time to be thankful and practice gratitude for the gifts you’ve been given.

    READ and mediate on Romans 12:9-21 this week. How is Jesus inviting you to respond?

    WATCH for Burning Bushes… ways that God wants to get your attention this week. What does Jesus use to speak to you? Birds? Sunsets? Clouds? Flowers? Rainbows? What else? Pay attention! Take the time to notice!

    REMEMBER: The God of Abraham and Isaac, Sarah and Rebekah, The I AM that I AM is with you today and everyday and will be with you wherever you go! AMEN

    MAIN PHOTO: Burning Bush Installation by Beyond Church Brighton at the Greenbelt Festival in England.

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