FreerangeFriday: The Epiphany Path Prayer

by Lilly Lewin
STAR and candles1

By Lilly Lewin

At our Following the Star Retreat this past Saturday, I led a Prayer Mediation helping us to look back at our past year in order to help us move forward into the new year.

You will need these props to pray with and you can also journal from the questions….

  • Something that is smooth
  • A couple of rocks or a stones
  • Something from your trash bin or recycling bin…an empty cup, can, carton etc
  • Something that represents celebration to you… a bow, glitter, sparkler, party hat

FOLLOWING THE STAR….Looking back before you walk forward.

Consider your Journey in the Past year…
Consider the path you’ve been walking.

smooth places

smooth places

What were the smooth spots ?(hold your smooth item as you pray and consider the peaceful places in your past year)

Take time to thank God for these spaces of grace and peace on your journey.

Rocky places

Rocky places

What were the Rocky Spots? (hold the stones/rocks in your hand as you pray and consider the rocky places)

Talk to God about them. Did you feel God’s presence or did God feel absent? Tell God your heart.

Trash on your path

Trash on your path

What were the times when you felt like you were traveling through trash/garbage? There is always trash on our paths. (hold your item of garbage/trash as you pray)

Who Were the people who threw trash on your path? And it got in your way?
Take time to talk to God about this.
Allow God to help you forgive them.

Whose path did you throw trash on this year?
Allow God to forgive you for this.

What about yourself? How did you get in your own way and throw garbage on your own path with your words or deeds?
Ask God to help you forgive yourself.

Gifts and Celebrations

Gifts and Celebrations of last year

Now hold your symbol of celebration in your hand. What were the gifts of this past year?
What were the celebrations that you can be thankful for?
The People, the Places, the Opportunities…..
Take some time and remember.
Take time to feel the joy and the pleasure of those gifts.
Take time to be grateful.

STARS in florence 1

What about the New Year?

What about the year ahead? How does your path look?
What things do you need for your Journey in 2023? Take time to consider this.

What path are you walking today?
Where are you with your walk with Jesus?

Are you following His Star…willing to go where He goes?

Are you stuck in the Palace afraid to leave it?

Are you stuck in old habits afraid you’ll never get out?

Are you willing to leave your comfort zone as the Magi did and go on an Adventure?

Are you walking with Jesus by your side?

Have you even invited Jesus along …is He chasing you? Are you chasing Him? Have you left Him far behind.

Talk to Jesus about where you are today and where you want to go this year.

HOMEWORK: You can also take this prayer meditation outside and actually take a walk and consider your path from last year and the path of the year ahead. Use the trash you see, or the rocks, and the things of beauty to help you pray.

©lillylewin and

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