FreerangeFriday: The Dust of the Rabbi

by Lilly Lewin
Heart Path and Shoe

By Lilly Lewin

When you hear the word DISCIPLE what do you think of ? Do you think of the twelve disciples in the Bible? Do you think about being a disciple of Jesus yourself? What does being a disciple actually mean or look like? What do we do and how do we act and take action as a disciple of Jesus?

Think about when Jesus invited people to become his disciples.
Jesus invited them to become Followers.
To become pilgrims with him on the road.
Getting his dirt on them!
Come Follow Me! Was the Invitation from Jesus.
Not come memorize more verses, or believe more things, or know more doctrine.
Come Follow Me!
Do the things I am doing.
Love the people I love.
Heal, touch, listen to the least of these.

Be with those the religious leaders thought were sinners.

Learn to love God and Love Others.

Love and forgive your enemies.

Old and Young, tax collectors, fishermen, zealots, women and men, all became Followers,
All were invited to be his DISCIPLES ….FOLLOWERS
Those who were learning to walk in his ways and do the things he did.

“The idea of discipleship can be summed up with one biblical key word: imitation. To be a disciple meant you were following a rabbi, a teacher. But the goal of a disciple wasn’t merely to master the rabbi’s teachings; instead, it was to master his way of life: how he prayed, studied, taught, served the poor and lived out his relationship with God day to day.
Jesus himself said that, when a disciple is fully trained, he becomes “like his teacher” (Lk 6:40). When St. Paul formed disciples, he exhorted them not just to remember his teachings but also to follow his way of living: “Be imitators of me as I am of Christ” (1 Cor 11:1). He exhorted them to lead others in the same way (2 Tim 2:2).
The word the Bible uses for “disciple” is mathetes, which means “learner.”

The ancient Jews had a saying that captures this idea of discipleship and transformation. They said that if you find a good rabbi, you should “cover yourself in the dust of his feet and drink in his words thirstily.” Sri goes on to explain:
The expression probably draws on a well-known sight for ancient Jews: disciples were known for walking behind their rabbi, following him so closely that they would become covered with the dust kicked up from his sandals.

This would have been a powerful image for what should happen in the disciple’s life spiritually.

Disciples were expected to follow the rabbi so closely that they would be covered with their master’s whole way of thinking, living and acting.
Edward Sri, Into His Likeness: Be Transformed as a Disciple (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2017).


Whose dust are you walking in theses days?

What kind of dust are you getting on you?

Are you walking far behind Jesus? or Up close getting his dust on you?

Or are you trying to run ahead of the The Rabbi, out on your own so you aren’t dirty at all?

How are you learning to live more and more like Jesus?

As you walk around your neighborhood, or take a walk in the woods this week, notice the dirt and dust on the path.
Consider the Path you are on physically and metaphorically.
Consider the rabbi your are following…Is it Jesus or something/someone else?
Who does your life look like?

How is your dust?

How are you following Jesus these days?
Are you getting His dust on you?
Are you close enough to get His dust on you?
Or are you so far away that you don’t look anything like Jesus right now?

What can you do this summer to get more dust of Jesus on you?

I grew up with a very different view of being a disciple. one of rules to follow, stuff to memorize, etc. Not enough action in loving my neighbor or doing the things Jesus did…I wasn’t encouraged to live out the sermon on the mount, the beatitudes. That was just a nice sermon, sadly not a way of living. I want to be about loving my neighbor of all colors and creeds and standing up for equality and taking action for justice.  I want to be a FOLLOWER, a DISCIPLE who is covered in  the dust of Rabbi Jesus.

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