FreerangeFriday: Sitting Down with the Trinity

by Lilly Lewin
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By Lilly Lewin

This weekend we celebrate Trinity Sunday on the liturgical calendar. The Sunday we celebrate the mystery and wonder of God in three persons. This follows right after Pentecost Sunday when the Holy Spirit is poured out on all people.
I have always felt like I understood Jesus. Once I knew you could have a relationship with the Son of God, I was in! Father God was harder because of my relationship with my dad who was a perfectionist and performer and I felt like God the Father was like that too. Expecting me to be perfect and perform just right. Thanks to lots of good therapy and learning more about the Father Jesus knew, I too learned to embrace Abba God. The Holy Spirit was the silent member of the Trinity in my childhood.

I grew up in a church where the Holy Spirit was the Holy Ghost of the Trinity. You never heard about or saw the Holy Spirit.. Then I went to college and was in a small group with lots of older students who alll had been baptized in the Holy Spirit and all believed in the gifts of the Spirit for today. Wow! My worldview was changed. But, not speaking in tongues myself meant that I wondered for a long while what was wrong with me and why I hadn’t had this experience? I prayed and prayed and pondered and pondered. Eventually I encountered the power and presence of the Spirit in the form of tongues. I even worked for a denomination that wanted you to confess that you believed that speaking in tongues was THE sign you’d been filled with the Spirit. Well, I signed it but I didn’t believe it. I know that we are all filled with God’s Spirit! God breathes God’s spirit into each of us! When we receive Jesus we start to notice this in a powerful way. And I know that for me there have been seasons when I have felt closer or more in touch with the power of the Holy Spirit than other times.
I need to be reminded of the power and mystery of the Trinity of God! And the relationship, the community of the Trinity!

We are not alone, ever! We are in the presence of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We are invited daily, hourly into that loving relationship!

We are invited to sit at the table and have a good cup of tea/coffee or a great glass of wine with the creator of the universe, the loving son and beautiful Spirit.

TRINITY Scott Erickson

TRINITY Scott Erickson

What would it be like for you to sit down at this table today? To sit in relationship, in community, in the great love of God in three persons?

Which person of the Trinity do you need some healing with right now? Talk and pray about this with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Imagine the scene. Sit down with a cup of tea, wine, or coffee and receive the love of God today.
Drink in this love. Breathe in the healing power of the Spirit. Open your heart to a newness in this season of Pentecost.

Crow Trinity

Crow Trinity

“The law of God was written in stone, the incarnation of God was written in flesh, the movement of God was written in spirit. God isn’t content to live around you, God’s desire is to live in you! “ AJ Sherrill


“The Mystery of God as Trinity invites us into a dynamism, a flow, a relationship, a waterwheel of love. The Mystery says God is a verb much more than a noun. God as Trinity invites us into a participatory experience.” Richard Rohr

“Mystery doesn’t mean something you cannot understand. Mystery means something you can endlessly understand. You never can say ‘ I got it! “ There is always more, always more. True of any talk about the Holy Spirit.” RICHARD ROHR

John Giuliani Lakota Trinity w Red Winged Hawk

John Giuliani Lakota Trinity w Red Winged Hawk

God be with you in every pass

Jesus be with you on every hill,

Spirit be with you in every stream,

Headland and ridge and moor.

Each sea and land, each path and meadow

Each lying down each rising up.

In the trough of the waves,

On the crest of the billows

Each step of the journey thou goest.

Gaelic Traditional Prayer

©lillylewin and

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