FreerangeFriday: Praying with Art

by Lilly Lewin

by Lilly Lewin

As a visual learner, God has used Art to speak to me most of my life. In recent years, I have made looking at art and going to art museums more of a prayer practice. Art is now a regular part of my spiritual life, both praying with art and creating art as a prayer practice. One artist who is often a part of my daily prayers is Scott Erickson. He is a spiritual director as well as an amazing artist, and he’s my friend. Almost daily on Instagram, Scott (@scottthepainter) posts one of his wonderful images to pray with and he posts beautiful words to reflect on with the image. Scott’s work has helped me grow closer to Jesus. The Lord has used his images to help me know that He is taking care of me and knows my heart. Scott’s work below is called “Be Not Afraid” and it’s been on my wall as a reminder all through this season of the pandemic.

BeNotAfraid Scott Erickson

BeNotAfraid Scott Erickson

There is a fancy word for using art as a prayer practice. It’s called Viso Divina.

Visio Divina is the practice of looking at a painting, a photograph, or even a movie, and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the Art. The video below is a directed Visio Divina I created for you and your friends, family to Pray with Art. I was inspired by Scott’s piece called “Flourishing Heart” to consider all the things God is doing in us and through us in our neighborhoods and cities. The Holy Spirit is already at work, we just need eyes to see and ears to hear.

What is the Holy Spirit growing in you? In your neighborhood, are you willing to open the door, open your heart and be a part of it? This is especially needed for those of us here in the States as we approach November 4th and the Election. We need to watch for what the Holy Spirit is up to and be planters of peace in our neighborhoods.


And for further inspiration, check out Scott’s work on Instagram: @scottthepainter and his website. He has many beautiful images for you to pray with and for you to frame for your home! And check out his new book coming out for Advent, called “Honest Advent”! It launches on October 20th! SO EXCITED!

I’ve had a sneak peak, and it’s a beautiful way to pray through the season focusing us on the birth of the baby, and Emanuel, God with us, entering the messiness of our life. I highly recommend it! Scott even has bonus gifts for preorders and for churches too.

ACTION: Watch the video and pray with me with Scott’s Art. Take some time to pray in other ways with ART this weekend! Get out your crayons or markers and just doodle! Read the 23rd Psalm and create from it! Allow the Holy Spirit to inspire you! Go to a Museum or Gallery if you are able, or take a virtual tour (National Gallery in London) and ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you and speak to you through the art.

I would love to hear what Art inspires you and hear what you think about the video practice too. And if you’d like more information or help with putting art into your worship gatherings, just ask!

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