FreerangeFriday: Merry Christmas from Nashville

by Lilly Lewin
Merry Christmas from Nashville

By Lilly Lewin

One of my practices this advent was to do a photo-a-day with ADVENTWORD, a ministry of the Episcopal Church. Each day of Advent had a different word assigned to it and almost every day during Advent, I posted a photo I’d taken (from sometime in my life) and I wrote something to go with that word on my Instagram feed. One of the Advent words this week was HOLY… this is my poem/reflection on the word HOLY. May you pause and reflect on what is Holy to you this Christmas… and allow the Spirit that is Holy show you.

And remember, the season of Christmas starts today on December 25th and goes until Epiphany on January 6th. So you have 12 days to receive the gift of Christmas. Don’t rush it, don’t be discouraged by all you haven’t gotten done yet, or all you’d hoped would happen this year. Allow Jesus to be born into the mess of 2020 and show you his great love and his holy gift of friendship… take his hand and walk with him in 2021. Merry/Happy Christmas to you from Nashville!

HOLY …..
What makes something Holy?
Do you know it when you see it?
Or is it more a feeling?
A time
or a place?
That one holy moment.
Or yelling “Holy Cow!”
Or “holy sh*t”
In agony or fear.
The moment of quiet with a newborn
The softness off his skin
The gentle touch of fingertips
Or tiny toes.
Is it found in gentle
or loud guffaw?
In a kiss…
Long or fleeting
A silent prayer
A sung song
A deep breath
At bedsides
In hospitals
In Cathedral
or Camper Vans
Or street corners
and sunrises
Crashing waves
A Star
Moments in time
by lillylewin December 2020
photo taken at the beach hut advent calendar in Brighton/Hove England in 2015. My friend Martin Poole
is a vicar there and for 10 years his church community hosted the Beach Hut Advent Calendar over the course of December. Each night a different beach hut opened its doors decorated and designed by the hut owner or a local artist or school group. Martin and Sally Jane Poole have become dear friends over the years through working together on creative worship and my husband, Rob, and I got to go to visit them at Christmas in 2015 and see the beach huts first hand! I loved seeing this young boy and his mom look into the bassinet/manger and consider Jesus being born!

©lillylewin and

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surfmonkeyfellowship December 27, 2020 - 8:54 am

I love this poem so much. Holy is “camper vans, crashing waves, redwoods?” Amen!

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