FreerangeFriday: Drink in Love

by Lilly Lewin
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By Lilly Lewin


today my cup feels empty
Used up by “all the things” of the past two years
There is so much sorrow
So much I cannot control
Too often I’ve been known to toil & spin
Rather than trusting you.
Too often I’ve kept pouring out
When really my cup was empty.
You say “come to me and I will give you rest”
You say, you are refreshment
Living Water that i need
and will never run out…
Today Jesus,
I need YOU!
I need the Living Water
The One Who knows all that i am
And loves me anyway
Today I need to drink deeply from your well!
Today I sit
I hold my cup
And drink in your Love. AMEN

How is your cup today? Talk to Jesus about where you are.

Find a cup or create a cup that represents GOD’s LOVE to you … use your cup in the days ahead to remind you that Jesus wants to refresh you & loves you just as you are, whatever you are feeling.
Hold your cup & be still.
Allow Jesus to fill up your cup with what you need.
Allow Jesus to fill your cup with His abundance.
Know that you are greatly loved, just as you are!


©lillylewin and

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