Freerange Friday: Prepare for Lent

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

Lent begins this year on February 17th, 2021 on Ash Wednesday. So we have a month to consider how we want to fall more in love with Jesus over the forty days of the Lenten season. I think we need to consider just where we are and how we are doing spiritually as we begin the journey of Lent. Here is a prayer station I like to use as we begin our Lenten Journey. This station can also be a a meditation/reflection to do as you consider where you are on your journey with Jesus today or any time. It can be a refection you do as a family around a centerpiece at dinner, or as a closing at your small group or youth group. It also could be created for your entire church community. The elements, the bowls of symbols, could be up front and as people came up for communion, they could put their symbols into a large bowl of water before receiving the bread and wine. Or the station could be multiplied around the worship space so everyone  could pray with the elements at the same time following a sermon or talk.

Supplies Needed:

Large Bowl of Water

Bowl of Sand

Bowl of stones or rocks (enough for everyone present)

Bowl of kitchen sponges ( you can buy at the dollar store and cut in smaller pieces according to the size of your group.

Prepare you Heart for the Journey

We have the opportunity to go on an amazing Journey with Jesus ove the next 40 days, the seaon of Lent. But before anyone starts a journey, they must get ready. They must prepare.

How are you feeling today?

How is your heart?

Is it soft like a sponge ready to absorb more of God?

Is it more like a rock, feeling heavy and weighted down?

Is your heart like dry sand, a desert in need of water?

Is your soul in need of refreshment?

As you begin your journey, Choose a symbol of where your heart is today:

SPONGE=wanting to absorb more of God

ROCK=feeling weighed down, in need of help

HANDFUL OF SAND=feeling dry and in need of refreshment

NOW put your symbol in the Water

Jesus is the Living Water!

Allow him to refresh you!

Allow Jesus to prepare your heart for the Journey of Lent.

Allow Jesus to heal you.

Allow Jesus to forgive you.

Jesus know and love you just as you are! Ask Jesus to help you prepare for the Journey!

You can have extra sponges, rocks, and sand so participants can take home a symbol, or have just extra sponges for everyone to take home so they can be reminded that they can absorb more of God each day.

When you see or use a sponge to clean the dishes or wipe up a spill, remember that Jesus want to refresh you with his living water each day of your journey.

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Allison de Laveaga January 31, 2020 - 11:08 am

I love this idea! Do you suggest people place the rock or handful of sand or sponge in the water?

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