Freerange Friday – The Thin Veil Between Heaven and Earth

by Hilary Horn
This week I have the joy of being at one of my favorite places on the Planet
Jenner, CA and Goat Rock specifically.
This vista feeds my soul
The ocean restores my heart.
I can listen and hear God better here.
The Beauty overwhelms me.
The Awesome wonder of Creation reminds me
of God’s vastness and my smallness.
It’s a thin place for me. A place where the veil between heaven and earth is thin and
I can feel God’s love and presence tangibly.
Do you have places like this?
Is there a specific place in your life where you have experienced the love and presence of God?
Where is this ?
Do you have a photo of this place?
Can you find one? like online or in your photos? or can you draw one?
I use the pictures I’ve taken at Jenner as visual reminders that help me reconnect with Jesus when I’m far away back in Tennessee.
The photos act as a Visio Divina and help me connect with God when I’m in a dark place or when I need to know that God is near.
I’ve been to this place enough that I can close my eyes and imagine the wind and the waves and feel the sun on m face. I can use my imagination in prayer and be transported to this place of great peace and beauty and actually find rest.
It’s a practice…
to find your thin place
to find that physical place and space where you know you’ve experienced God’s love.
Take some time to reflect on this today…
Think about a special view, or vista, or place that is sacred to you.
Ask God to remind you of this place.
Ask Jesus to refresh you and hep you remember His great love for you.
Use your photo, image and put yourself in this place.
What do you see?
What do you smell?
What colors do you notice?
What sounds do you hear?
What;s the weather like?
Sit here in this spot with Jesus.
Be present here in this thin place.
Allow God to fill you up and refresh you.
Receive what you need from Jesus here in this place.
And give yourself permission to go here again soon!

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