Free Poetry Book Downloads

by Hilary Horn

We are offering free books of poems by one of our community writers, Ana Lisa de Jong. New Zealand poet Ana Lisa De Jong has made her beautiful poems available for download on Godspace. These books are inspiring, contemplative and beautiful. Ana Lisa is an incredibly gifted writer and we are thankful she is offering some of her work to you. You can access these books through our shop with a free download and the links are below.

The Gate to Heaven: Poems for Contemplation

Broken Into Wholeness: Poems for Recovery

Poems for Loss; This collection includes over 100 pages of poetry on the theme of grief and loss, healing and hope, and coping with our present pains in the light of eternity.

If you’re a fan of Ana Lisa’s incredible work, consider downloading these free books in conjunction with her latest published book of poems Heart Psalms: Songs of The Heart, in which Ana Lisa’s poetry is accompanied with stunning scenic photography of New Zealand scenery, which makes her new book both a treasure to read and to look at. A wonderful resource for daily reflections, along with a tool for retreats and quiet times! You can also find other poetry books here on her amazon page to order or her website, Living Tree Poetry.

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