Fitting In; A Poem

by Hilary Horn

By Ana Lisa de Jong —


Square peg, round hole.
I attempt to mould myself to shape
only to revert,

and have to try again to fit.

So, I wonder about giving up.
Unlearning all that I have learned to conform,
and maybe stand out instead.

Yes, today
I dropped the mask,
as I once again tripped.

But no grief.  

I think I learned instead
that growth might be mispresented.
That true gain may be in the releasing of pretence.

The safe definitions,
and distracting finery
to disguise our differences,

what need do we have of these?

Yes, I wonder about
shedding the trappings of success,
stored for false assurance.

And instead, undressing,
stepping out and owning
the full sum of my truth.

Square peg, round hole.

Humility, that hard honest lesson,
has a welcome voice,
‘Accept yourself’, it says.

‘Allow shame to fall.’

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