Every Season Has Its Beauty

by Christine Sine


On Monday I posted a meditation reflecting on the words Every season has its beauty. The words keep revolving in my mind. I taste them on my tongue and savour them in my thoughts.  I look for the beauty of God in a fallen leaf. I see it in the clouds and in the mountain skyline. Our world is alive to the glory and beauty of God.

As I walk around the garden and drive through the city, I find myself looking for the beauty of new gifts God is unveiling too. As I talk to friends and strangers I am wondering – what season are you in? What are you afraid to let go of? What new things are you embracing with joy?

Out of my reflections has come this prayer/poem

Every season has its beauty,
Fresh from the hand of God.
Look for it.
Listen to it.
Savour its goodness.
Every season has its beauty.
Remember what is past,
With joy and not regret.
Anticipate what is to come,
With hope and not with dread.
Every season has its beauty.
Embrace the new gifts of God,
And live into their blessings,
Full measure, pressed down,
Running out all over.

Christine Sine https://godspacelight.com

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Emma Morgan October 15, 2014 - 4:22 pm

Thanks Christine for sharing your beautiful prayers, poems and reflections. They are a real blessing to me and my family. I used this poem as part of our Call to Worship on Sunday. It worked so beautifully at the beginning of a series on Deuteronomy and on a warm spring morning. Here is the full meditation.

Christine Sine October 15, 2014 - 4:42 pm

Thanks Emma. I appreciate your feedback and love the service you shared. Blessings

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