Do You Want to Add Your Voice

by Christine Sine

recording fom mp3

Saturday June 20th we are recording at the Shafer Baille mansion for an mp3 we are putting together of responsive readings, liturgies and songs from last year’s Celtic retreat. I am really excited about this project which many of you have hoped for and been prodding me to produce for some time now.

I have done my part in both writing and recording some of the liturgies. And my Australian voice sounds pretty good if I do say so myself. Our musicians Matt and Sundee Frazier have also done their part recording their songs, some written especially for the retreat last year.We have also recruited people to read scripture. Now, however we need some others to help. (no I am not looking for your money… yet!) We are looking for 4-6 people who would like to do some of the responses to my liturgies. Here is an example of what is expected: the responses are in bold.

Creator God, loving God,
Source of all life,
Compassionate, caring and generous One.
We gather in this place of your amazing generosity,
Surrounded by your rich abundance and lavish hospitality.

ALL: Hospitable and welcoming God,
We give you thanks,
for all you are and all you give to us,
through this visit to your creation.
We are blessed by your wild hospitality all around.

Berry-laden vines surround us,
Wild salad greens flourish underfoot.
Rich soil teeming with microscopic life,
Majestic trees nourished by its goodness,
Lush ferns growing in their shade.

ALL: Let us taste the goodness of our Creator,
And drink in the wonder of Christ’s sacrifice.
Let us eat of the fruits of the Spirit,
And partake of God’s overflowing generosity,
Let us join in the banquet feast of God.

In Jesus, you place the gospel at the center of our circle.
Together with Brigit, Columba, Patrick, Hilda, and all who have gone before,
you draw all of life into the sacred circle of your redeeming love,
through which all creation is related.
Jesus, you welcome all creation to your banquet feast.

ALL: Let us remember we sit at table with the oppressed and the marginalized,
And learn to share your generous and compassionate ways.
Nourished by faith, hope and love,
We welcome all who hunger and thirst,
And taste of the fruit of God’s spirit together.

If you live in the Seattle area, are available Saturday June 20th and would like to be a part of this I need to hear from you ASAP – just leave a comment below. Your reward – a free lunch, download of the mp3 and a chance to see your name in print.

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