Distinguish the True from the False

by Melissa Taft
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by Diane Gagné

Whether the point of view is social, political, economic psychological, generational, religious, spiritual, or so on…

It remains a point of view, an opinion, a way of looking at things. The angle can be very wide or very narrow, it will attract, or it will stir, according to the modes and the transient currents.

No matter…

If there is a concern to please or to displease, a need to be seen or be recognized, a feeling of having to protect or convince…

As long as these aspects remain more important than joy, peace and love…

The point of view is still needed to hang on to these little bits of truth, comforting and reassuring a vulnerability, a sensitivity and a fragility still perceived

like elements to fight or to hide.

It is easier to lie to oneself, to hide, to tell stories, than admit defeat, weaknesses, shortcomings and misunderstandings.

We are reborn and resurrected many times, not just in these springtimes filled with metaphorical images of rebirth with rabbits, eggs or Easter water.

We die, we are crucified throughout our life, and pain is not just that unique moment of the year when Christ is seen in all his suffering on the cross.

The armor and the shell must be broken by our resistance and so many «let go».

The illusions must clash with themselves again and again.

Before realizing that…

Everything is true of course. But it is also true that everything is false. Again, it’s a way to look at things, to embrace things…

Nested and merged, Truth dances with illusion at each moment. Truth has nothing to do with theories, points of view, dogmas and opinions. Truth mocks to be right or wrong, got nothing to gain or to protect and it is only us, who are still there, trying to protect us or make us allies.

Truth is…

 « I Am This »

All this… Around us and within us, just asking to be seen and welcomed.

Asking to be seen in its perfect imperfection.

No, being reborn doesn’t just happen once a year, it’s at the very heart of every moment of life.

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

Diane Gagné is an author and speaker. Her focus is a state of peace, deep bliss, and boundless love for the sacred meaning of Life. She doesn’t teach any particular tradition, although she was profoundly influenced by non-dual approaches and Christianity. A former lawyer of 25 years in the northern Canadian town of Rouyn-Noranda, Diane channels her deep life experiences on the roller coaster of the soul into the new Reality she has found. You can find her writings here, in her mother tongue of French as well as translated into English.

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