Could It Begin

by Christine Sine

by June Friesen

Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 & 3 found themselves in a perfect world. God placed them in a beautiful garden where all was perfect with one restriction, ‘not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.’ But they made a choice to eat that fruit and then found themselves in a whole different situation – life was now much more difficult. In some respects, we too may now feel that we are in a whole different situation, which we are. We may even long for life to be ‘normal’ like it used to be in 2019 and before – and you may even find yourselves saying like I do, “When is life going to be ‘normal’ again?” Come with me on a little adventure and see what the Spirit may have to say to you today.

Could it begin “Once Upon A Time?”

‘Once upon a time’ I often think and maybe it is a daily think as I pass by this tree –

With its gnarly, beauty dotted trunk embracing sprouts, crevices, knots, and so much more –

I wonder what it would be like to nestle down inside where the roots abide –

Would it be a protective shelter where one might abide in protection and safety?

I really need to find some way to embrace the gifting and reality of God’s embrace?

His first creation was of all the beauty around humankind – and finally humankind –

Somehow God felt and hoped that they/we would see the wonderful gift of creation

And embrace it, treasure it, live with it, grow with it and care for it as much as He did.

Yet, somehow humankind got sidetracked as each one of us struggle with yet today

And listened to another call, quite the opposite it would seem from the Creator,

They chose to make a trial of something forbidden – and OUCH! Life was forever changed.

Somehow that is how I am feeling – Ouch! – And now our lives are forever changed –

I would love to dream of this great little place pictured here as my new and wonderful abode –

Away from the viruses that seem to be running amuck –

Away from the ugliness of humanity still listening to that forbidden voice –

Away, away, far away –

But then I reckon – I would be no different than in the beginning of time

Because that would be the opposite of what my Creator is asking of me.

So… I think that I will have to carry on – where I am, but in a whole new way of life..


Now let me reframe this whole picture a little bit differently –

Many there are, and you may feel this way as well, who need someone to provide this haven

Where there is safety, unconditional love, non-judgment, forgiveness and most of all hope –

And then I wonder – as I wander out and about in this world –

How it is that there indeed are times when this is already evident – and I act surprised?

A voice speaks, ‘Thank you, Ma,’ a person I have now just met;

A voice speaks, ‘Can I just look at your face for a minute or two? It is so full of peace.’

A voice speaks, ‘I am 20 cents short; I will have to put the milk back and I have a quarter in my pocket I can share. A smile is thank you enough.’

A voice speaks, ‘I had to have surgery and now my bed is very uncomfortable to sleep on – and you have a bed you do not use. You can choose to share.’

A voice speaks, ‘Will you be my mother/father; I have no parents to give me guidance and counsel on my way.’


photo by June Friesen

So, what/who are the voices that are speaking to you as you go through the world?

Do you hear them? Do you listen to them? Do you make them feel special?

A fairy tale existence you say? It is not possible you say?

But I will say – “Come and spend a wee bit of time with me – let me share with you the treasure I have found in God (and some would say it is all a fairy tale I know); But we will begin to explore with wonder and a wee bit of glee, well it might even get to be a whole lot of glee – I will help you find that special haven somewhere with God’s Spirit even if it is not ‘truly a fairy tale home beneath the roots of this beautiful tree’.

June Friesen 6/2020

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dianewoodrow July 22, 2020 - 3:35 am

That is so beautiful. And actually fitted in really nicely with a lorica prayer I wrote this morning. Thank you X

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