Contemplative Service From St Andrews Plus A Lament Service from The Many

by Christine Sine

Today I am posting real treat of contemplative services in addition to the usual contemplative service from St Andrews .

As many of us continue to struggle with our pain and the pain of others, we feel the call to lament. The Many,  an indie, intentionally diverse music collective from Chicago singing music of faith and doubt, hope and lament sing new songs made for reflection, for protest, for healing and worship.  Together, this unique group of musicians, songwriters, poets, activists, uneasy prophets and unsaintly saints, remind us over and over again that we aren’t alone, that God so loves every one of us, and we all belong here.

Every Wednesday, they are making space for people to grieve losses and name the sorrows we’re all walking through with this pandemic, as well as find community and possibly even some things to be grateful for. I though that for this week’s contemplative service that you might enjoy this service This service, which was posted on June 17th is an example of the good work that they do. Enjoy

Here is the Taize style contemplative service from St Andrews Episcopal Church in Seattle with Carrie Grace Littauer, prayer leader, with music by Kester Limner and Andy Myers.

I am also posting a Taize song from St Andrews Episcopal Church in Seattle sung by Kester Limner and Andy Myers

Nada te Turbe, nada te espante
Qien a Dios tiene, nada le falta
Nada te turbe, nada te espante
Solo Dios basta

(Nothing can trouble, nothing can frighten
Those who seek God shall never go wanting
Nothing can trouble, nothing can frighten
God alone fills us

Todo se pasa, Dios no se muda;
La paciencia todo lo alcanza.

(Everything passes, God does not change,
With patience all shall be won)

En Cristo mi confianza,
y de El solo mi asimiento,
en sus cansacios mi aliento,
y en su imitacion mi hoganza.

(In Christ is my confidence,
And in Him only is my affection,
In whom my breath shall rest,
and my hope is to be his likeness)

Aqu estriba mi firmeza,
aqui mi seguridad,
la preba de mi verdad,
la muestra di mi firmeza.

(Here is my steadfastness,
Here is my safety,
the proof of my truth,
and testament of my faith)

Copyright and all rights reserved by GIA/Les Presses de Taizé Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-710-756.

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