Beloved child of God – A Poem

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

Listen to the gospel as though the Lord himself were present.

These words, written by Saint Augustine in the 5th century have held my attention and stirred my imagination this week. They keep drawing me back to the image above which I took last week in Cincinnati.

It has been a hard week as I have heard of several dear friends who are suffering with serious health issues, but these words and this image have comforted me and I wanted to share the poem they stirred within me.

Beloved child of God
Listen to the gospel
As though Jesus himself were present.
Your life, your every moment, your destiny
All rest in his hands.
Let the goodness of light,
The beauty of life,
The wonder of love,
Fill you.
Let the joy of the Spirit,
The embrace of Holy presence,
The mercy of Eternal care,
Guide you.
Let the words of God
Comfort and sustain you,
Let them lead you through the nights of pain
into the joyous day.

(c) Christine Sine September 2019

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