Are Your Ready For Lent?

by Christine Sine

At Mustard Seed Associates we have many exciting resources available to celebrate the season:

  lent.retreat“Stop Playing Games:
Return to Our Senses in Lent”

Pre-Lent Retreat

When:  February 14th, 2015

Where: Union Church Kakao Cafe
415 Westlake Ave N

            Seattle, WA 98109

Full-Day: $50
Half-Day: $30

There is still time to sign up for the retreat! Find out more HERE

lent.resources.2015 Join in God’s Reconciling Work

These Lenten resource lists have been shared widely, being featured amongst other rich resources by sites such as, Lent and Beyond, and by bloggers like Rachel Held Evans.

Stir Your Imagination for Lent

If you want to use your own creativity to imagine new possibilities for the season, check out:

Join with us in getting ready for the Lenten season and be prepared to be drawn into God’s reconciling work!

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