Advent Devotionals – Suggestions for the Season: Updated for 2020

by Christine Sine

It’s time to get ready for Advent and Christmas. It may seem a little early to some but with Celtic Advent beginning November 15th, it really is time to figure out what we want to do during the season. Last year I added this list of Advent image books to our resource lists. This year I wanted to add a new collection to our list of resources – Advent devotionals.

There is an overwhelming array of devotionals out there but I have several go to gems that I love to return to each year.  This year (not surprisingly) I am supplementing them with our Godspace Advent/Christmas devotional cards. As well as that I asked my Facebook friends what they would suggest and they came back with a number of delightful sounding books that I have added to the list. Just remember  – I have not read most of these devotionals and they are contributed by people with a very diverse theological background – which is part of what I love about my Facebook friends. They really are a very diverse community.

Amy Robinson: Image of the Invisible.

A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication: Advent and Christmas with Thomas Merton

Bud Holland: Advent Presence: Kissed by the Past, Beckoned by the Future

Crossan and Borg: The First Christmas

David Cole: Celtic Advent

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: God is in the Manger

Enuma Okoro: Silence and other Surprising Invitations of Advent,

Heidi Haverkamp: Advent in Narnia!

Gayle Boss: All Creation Waits: The Advent Mystery of New Beginnings

Henri Nouwen: Advent and Christmas Wisdom

Jan Richardson: Sacred Journeys 

Jean McLachlan Hess: Journey to the Manger with St. Patrick and Friends.

Jim Bishop: The Day Christ was Born

Lucy Rycroft: Redeeming Advent (partly but not exclusively for busy mothers)

Madeleine L’Engle and Luci Shaw: Wintersong.

Michael McKay and Claire Brown: Keep Watch with Me: An Advent Reader for Peacemakers

Paula Gooder.: The Meaning is in the Waiting,

Richard Rohr: Preparing for Christmas

Trystan Owain Hughes: Real God in the real world

Walter Brueggemann: Celebrating Abundance

Wendy Wright: The Vigil

Godspace Resources:

More Free and/Or Downloadable:

Toward Christmas – An Advent Reflection (free & downloadable from Anglican Overseas Aid Australia)

Brenda Griffin Warren  Celts to the Crèche  (Celtic 40 days of Advent free online Devotional)

More Resources

If this list does not provide what you are looking for check out the 30 suggestions that Paul Neeley has on his website.

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