A Prayer of Praise to God

by Christine Sine
Sunset in Seattle

Sunset in Seattle

My thoughts this week have focused on the wonder of God whose love sustains all things and whose creative presence infuses all things.  I always  find that writing my thoughts down as prayers and praise to God helps move these ideas from my head to my heart.  Here is a prayer that I wrote as I meditated on this today.

Glory be to God on high

Glory to the three in one

Glory to the one in three

Before the beginning of the world

Creator, redeemer, sustainer

Beyond the end of the world

Father, Son and Spirit

Eternal one

Infusing all creation with your love

Indwelling one

Uniting us into one family

Comforting one

Leading us into all truth

Glory to you who are three

Glory to you who are one

Glory to you – God of Gods and Lord of Lords

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