A Prayer of Gratitude

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

Inspired this morning by the story of Jesus healing the lepers – and only one came to thank him and shouted praise with a loud voice. So this is my prayer of praise today – shouted with a loud voice.

Lord Jesus Christ

Precious saviour, eternal companion,

The one who was and is and will always be.

I breathe in the fragrance of you love

And sing thank you.

I breathe in the sweetness of your grace,

And shout thank you.

I breathe in the wonder of your mercy

And cry thank you.

That you, thank you, thank you,

For love and grace and mercy

Poured out every day

Into my life.

For friends and family and companions,

Thank you.

For earth and sea and living things,

Thank you.

For fulfillment and creativity and joy,

Thank you.

For all that is in me, round me, above and beyond,

Thank you.

Thank you for giving me life.

(c) Christine Sine October 2019

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