A Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Matthews.

by Christine Sine
Hurricane Matthews destruction in Haiti. Photo by Rene Lako.

Hurricane Matthews destruction in Haiti. Photo by Rene Lako.


by Christine Sine

Last night Tom and I talked to his niece and family who has been evacuated from there home in Florida as a result of Hurricane Matthews. At the same time I am watching the posts of friends in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Florida who are already dealing with the devastation.

I was reminded of these two prayers I wrote after the Haiti earthquake and have been praying them again this morning. I thought that some of you might appreciate them too.

Merciful God,
Compassionate Christ,
Transforming Spirit,
Have mercy on all those who suffer.
Protect the weak and the vulnerable,
Provide for the homeless and the destitute,
Comfort the grieving and the dying,
Have mercy on all who are helping.
God who loves,
Christ who cares,
Spirit who comforts,
Grant peace in the midst of devastation.


God grieve with us,
Christ grieve in us,
Spirit grieve through us.
Use our prayers to embrace and comfort all who are in harm’s way.

God care with us,
Christ care in us,
Spirit care through us,
Use our hearts and hands to heal and renew those who are broken.

God love with us,
Christ love in us,
Spirit love through us,
Use our lives to transform death into eternal life.

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Marla Shaw O'Neill October 10, 2016 - 12:39 pm

My husband Bob, and I sponsor a little girl in Haiti through our church. Her name is Debora she’s eight. Our church has an orphanage there. A team will be heading over there to help. I praise God none of the children were hurt. But there is much devastation. When you pray please remember Debora. Thank you so much.

Christine Sine October 10, 2016 - 1:49 pm

Will do Marla. I have lots of friends working there and both my husband and I have worked in Haiti in the past so we are praying with heavy hearts for those affected by yet another disaster in this nation.

shapour pourpashang October 18, 2016 - 11:41 pm


Please join us in prayer for the families affected by Hurricane Matthew and stand with us in agreement for this storm to dissipate and no further damage to be done.

Shapour Pourpashang

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