A Prayer for the Day

by Christine Sine

Relax, sit quietly.001


Today’s prayer is inspired by one of the reflections in Henri Nouwen’s book Home Tonight. 

I suggest that you find a quiet place and set aside a few minutes each day this week  to sit and absorb it’s words. Sit quietly, breathe deeply. Exhale your fears and frustrations, inhale God’s love and peace. Let go your busyness. Imagine yourself walking with Jesus in the early morning or late at night away from the crowds and distractions, into a quiet place of prayer. Sit with him. Imagine his communion with God – intimate fellowship with the One who is love, peace, compassion and joy. Stay and listen – What would God say to Jesus in this tender moment?

What is your response: What did you feel when sitting with Jesus? What did you struggle with? What did you hear in your imagination?

Now imagine yourself alone in your most sacred space settling into the presence of the One who lovingly created you and sent you into this world. Be still, relax, don’t speak but rest in the presence of the One who is love unending. Listen.

What is your response: How does it feel to sit and commune with God’s Spirit? What thoughts and emotions does it stir to consider yourself in the presence of unending love?

(This exercise is adapted from Home Tonight 98-99)


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