A Prayer for Gratitude

by Hilary Horn

By Talitha Fraser

In these troubled times it can seem that there is more that separates us than connects us, a fear of the future that invites apathy and hopelessness, pain and a burden of worry that some days can seem more than we can bear. I am grateful for these, our pain is a signal that something is wrong. How do we breathe through that like a woman in labour bringing forth new life? The pain has already been borne. The life has already been given, and risen. The vinegar is wine, poured out for you. Drink from this cup, poured out abundantly for you and be refreshed.

Breathe. Exhale.
Sip and sigh. Sing and cry.
You can’t change the world, only yourself.

Talitha. Talitha.

I tell you arise
That is what this life is for.
That is the cup that pours.
How the song goes and that cup overflows.
You want the world to be different?
It is, because you are here.
You breathe, and be and bear.
I’ll take your tears and fears and trade you Grace.
See my Face? It’s also yours.
That is the cup that pours.
Breathe and be and bear.
Come near, come here.
This is the cup that pours. This cup is yours.

[I suggest re-reading this to yourself using your own name where mine is now]

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